About the Care and Repair Service

Care and Repair is an independent charity based in Lanark covering all of South Lanarkshire. We provide a free and confidential service to those who need information, advice and practical help with carrying out adaptations and repairs to their home.

This service is funded by the South Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire. You are able to use the Care and Repair Service if you or someone who lives with you is: A homeowner or are a tenant of a private landlord 65 or older Living with a long-term health problem or illness.

1987: Care and Repair started in Scotland with the aim to improve the quality of people’s lives that are living in poor accommodation. There are currently 30 C&R services in Scotland and over 300 in the UK and similar services in exist in Ireland, Canada & Australia.
1996: Care and Repair started in South Lanarkshire managed by Shelter for a short time and the by Clydesdale Housing Association.
2004: We became an independent charity with a Board of directors and have been operating independently since then.
2017: We successfully tendered for a 3 + 1 year contract with South Lanarkshire Council to deliver Disabled Adaptations and a Repairs and Maintenance service across South Lanarkshire.
2018: New Board Chair and a new manager.

“This is an excellent service for older and vulnerable people. I now feel more secure both when at home and when away. Thank you so much for your kind assistance.”

Mr F, Hamilton

“My appreciation to all concerned for an excellent service provided. “

Mr M, Biggar

Our Team

The staff at Care and Repair are friendly, approachable and want to help. Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you or someone you know who needs help.

Jamie Burgess

Care and Repair Manager

I worked with housing in some form or other over most of my working life and I first became aware of the Care and Repair Service some 20 years ago when I was involved with the setting up of the Sutherland Handy Person Service which was managed by Care and Repair. 6 Years ago I joined the Dumfries and Galloway Care and Repair Team as an Adaptions Officer and then managed the team as the team leader for the last 4 years.

I was fortunate to be accepted as the manager of the South Lanarkshire Care and Repair Service in June 2018 and have been working with the team here since then delivering the Medical Adaptations required to allow clients to remain at home, the Repairs and Maintenance service the help clients with the upkeep of their homes, the Telecare service and the Safe as Houses Project.

Candice Hill


I have worked in Reception, Customer Care & Administration roles for around the past 20 years. I have vast experience on the phones, Customer Service, people skills and administration. It is in my nature to help others. I started with Care & Repair in June 2010, and I was delighted to receive this role. I speak to people and help clients over the phone, and also face to face, to help & assist them with their queries & needs in regards to helping them towards feeling most happy & secure in their homes. I love Care & Repair, and hope to continue working here for many years to come.

Carly Richardson


I have worked in various admin roles for over 27 years, mostly in customer service, and I love what I do. I had never heard of Care & Repair before I started here nearly 7 years ago in November 2012, and I now make it my mission to spread the word about what we do here! I assist our C&R Officers with tender and grant application paperwork for the adaptation process and also process the Telecare and Key Safe referrals which we receive from SLC, as well as many other duties.
I find it very fulfilling when you speak to a client to reassure them that we can help them through the whole adaptation process – you can almost hear the sighs of relief at times and, just recently, one client said he can now go on holiday and enjoy himself, knowing that he doesn’t have to worry about it!

Alistair Russell

Small Repairs Officer

I started work with Care and Repair on the 5th November 2005 which means I have been in this role for about 15 years now. I am employed as a Small Repair Officer however I mainly work on the installation of Community Alert Alarm (Life Line) and associated peripheral devices such as fall detectors, smoke and heat detectors and exit sensors. I also install the Supra C500 Key Safe which allows carers or medical professionals to access a property where the resident may not be able to get to the door. I enjoy helping people in the community and hope that the work I do helps people to remain safe and more independent at home.

Peter Douglas

Small Repairs Officer

I joined Care and Repair on 12th October 2020 so I really am the new recruit just now! My role is to provide a Small Repairs Service across South Lanarkshire and help clients with the upkeep and maintenance of their homes. I will do this by using the skills I have gained over the years in previous small repairs/handy person roles to help to improve and maintain clients homes.
I have just started work with Care and Repair but already enjoy what I am doing – being able to use my skills as a maintenance/ handy person to enable people to live better within their own homes, the feel-good factor at the end of the day results from doing a job that I feel is worthwhile and valuable.

John Burrough

Small Repairs Officer

I have worked in the customer service industry all my working life and enjoy the interaction with different people on a daily basis.
I have been working for Care and Repair as a Small Repair Officer since 2017 now consider myself very fortunate to be able to use my skills to assist people living in South Lanarkshire
My job role involves the installation of Telecare Services and I oversee the Safe as House Project, I also do a few small repairs when I have the time. These roles keep me very busy and give me job satisfaction though the knowledge that the work I do has a positive impact on the lives of the people we are assisting. If I can leave a person feeling more secure and safe in their home I am happy that I have done my job properly.

Audrey Marshall

Care and Repair Officer

I joined the Care and Repair South Lanarkshire in October 2004. My role as a Care and Repair Officer is to try and help older and more vulnerable members of our community stay safe at home for as long as they can. I do this by helping people to adapt their home to meet their changing needs like helping to change a bath that is now difficult to use for a level access shower or a wet room. I help clients get work done properly; help alleviate their stress over the proposals and work ahead; act as their go-between so that they can avoid any confrontations and ensure they get value for money.
The best part of this job is when you know you’ve helped someone finish a job that they wouldn’t have been able to finish on their own; knowing I had something to do with making their little part of the world a little bit better for them.

Ross Duncan

Care and Repair Technical Officer

I joined Care and Repair in January 2016 as a Care and Repair Technical Officer
My role is to assist our clients who are over 65 or are otherwise vulnerable to continue to carry out an independent life in their own home. We do this by providing technical assistance in respect to obtaining local authority grant funding to adapt bathrooms, kitchens and access into and throughout their homes. We also carry out technical surveys and help our clients to acquire trustworthy builders, plumbers, electricians, heating engineers etc. to carry out repairs and maintenance to their homes. We ensure that all works are done well and at a fair price. It is our job to give our clients peace of mind and to ease any stress which they may feel during the whole process of finding suitable contractors and having necessary works carried out in their own home.
What I personally find enjoyable and satisfying about the job is knowing that I have helped people and made their life that bit easier.

Care & Repair Board Members and Advisors

Member: Alex McInnes
Advisor: Alison Graham (SLC)
Member: Councillor Catherine McClymont
Advisor: Craig Cunningham (NHS)
Chair: Councillor David Shearer
Vice-Chair: Councillor Jim McGuigan
Member: Councillor Josh Wilson
Member: Kate O’Connor
Member: Michelle Mair
Member: Roy Plenderleith
Treasurer: Tom Sorbie
Member: John Graham
Member: Margaret Moore
SFRS: Andrew Kenna

Care and Repair Team

Alistair Russell: Care and Repair Small Repairs Office
Audrey Marshall: Care and Repair Officer “ “
Carly Richardson: Care and Repair Administrator
Candice Hill: Care and Repair Receptionist
Jamie Burgess: Care and Repair Manager
John Burrough: Care and Repair Small Repairs Office
Ross Duncan: Care and Repair Officer
Peter Douglas: Care and Repair Small Repairs Officer

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