Dementia Enablement Project

This project is funded by Life Changes Trust (Creating Better Lives in Lanarkshire)

The Life Changes Trust was established by The National Lottery Community Fund in April 2013 with an endowment of £50 million to support transformational improvement in the quality of life, well-being, empowerment and inclusion of two key groups in Scotland:
(1) people affected by dementia and
(2) care experienced young people


From April 2022, Care and Repair is offering a new service that will be able to offer practical advice and help to people living with dementia and their carers across both North and South Lanarkshire irrespective of tenure. This project will be for the benefit of clients living with dementia and their carers and, at the same time, the 18 month project will be used to demonstrate need and associated benefits of this type of service to partners and future funders.

We will visit clients and look at how we can assist to mitigate the effects of dementia through practical changes to, and installation of equipment within the home.  We will receive self-referrals and referrals from medical professionals across Lanarkshire.

We understand the stress in sourcing trades to carry our minor (yet important) repairs to the home and this is something we can also assist with. We can offer free small repairs labour and repairs advice to clients and carers, removing the stress of finding a contractor to carry out small but important maintenance works required.

Working with clients, carers and medical professionals, we propose possible work streams:

  • Carry out home safety assessment and discuss with clients
  • Make sure that lighting within the home will meets clients’ needs by providing day/night/motion sensor lights & solar powered lighting
  • Make sure that all floor areas are safe and clutter free
  • Removal of trip hazards and advise clients on furniture that can be seen clearly
  • Advise on colour contrasts on floors, walls and equipment – coloured handrails, coloured thresholds
  • Installation of grab rails and additional handholds
  • Installation of electrical outlet covers, magic plugs and other safety devices
  • Installation of notice boards, signs, transparent cupboard doors and other assistive devices
  • Carry out small repairs within the home that are not a landlord’s responsibility

Impact on people living with dementia and their carers

Similar, if much larger, projects have been undertaken by Care and Repair Services in Aberdeen, Angus, Lochaber and Skye & Lochalsh where people living with dementia are supported to be safer within their home environment.

This is a person-centred service that actively listens to clients living with dementia and their carers to deliver outcomes that are welcomed and actually work. We will work with people to deliver outcomes, not do work to people.

These conversations will lead to:

  • Better sense of wellbeing within the home for both clients living with dementia and their carers.
  • Reduction in accidents within the home due to removal of hazards and other mitigation measures
  • Enable people to continue to live independently in their own home for longer.
  • Reduction in stress, resulting from minor home maintenance being dealt with timeously.
  • Reduction in stress due to assistance with major home improvement and maintenance projects.
  • Build a relationship between clients and Care & Repair, leading to future communication and requests for assistance.

With clients’ permissions, we will refer to partner and other agencies as requested and as required such as:

  • Alzheimer’s Scotland
  • Carers Network
  • NHS Lanarkshire
  • Social Work
  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service
  • Police Scotland
  • North & South Lanarkshire Housing & Technical services
  • Home Energy Scotland
  • Citizens Advice/Money advice

Referral Routes

Partners from Social Work and NHS will refer clients to the service. We also accept self-referrals and referrals from relatives on behalf of individuals in need of assistance.

Partner and self-referrals can be made by using the online referral form found here or by contacting Care and Repair directly on 01555 666200 or emailing