New Small Repairs Service for Lanarkshire

Contact the Small Repairs Service on 01555 666200 or email

The Small Repairs Officer will be able to assist with a variety of small home repairs such as:

Security & Safety:
• Fit video doorbells
• Garden gates/fence – for children/pets
• Home security – door & window locks
• Tidy and make safe trailing cables
• Fire safety – Smoke detection – change batteries/ change detectors, compliance with legislation
• Prevent falls Hand rails, grab rails , extra stair bannisters
• Prevent falls – fit light bulbs, florescent tubes, solar powered security lights

• Broken or blocked rainwater goods (single-story properties only)
• Unblock sink, bath, wash hand basin, toilet
• Minor electrical works – broken socket, pendant, plug
• Connect washing machine, dishwasher
• Change shower hose/head, change tap washers
• To enable privacy – curtains fallen down, fit curtain rails

• Heating – Fit drought excluding measures
• Set up heating time clocks
• Bleed radiators

• Other minor works that make a major difference to the person living in the home
• Referrals to reputable tradespeople and assistance with specifications and quotes

Eligible Clients:
Properties must be located within Lanarkshire and a resident living in the property must fall within one or more of the following categories:
• Over 60 years of age.
• Living with a physical or mental disability.
• Living with a life-limiting illness
• A victim of domestic violence.
• Clients living in privately rented, SLC or RSL properties are able to access the service for work that is not the landlord’s responsibility. For example, landlords are responsible for boilers, heating, leaking roofs and common areas.

Passporting Benefits:
• Universal Credit; Income-related ESA; Income-related JSA; Guaranteed Pension Credit
Clients in receipt of any of these benefits may be entitled to a fee reduction (see below).

• Small Repairs – maximum of 3 hours on-site per visit. There is no reasonable limit on job numbers within this time limit.
• Clients need to pay the hourly fee plus the cost of any materials purchased to complete the work.
• No charge for travel time.
• If a job is completed in less than an hour, the full first-hour cost will apply.
• Small Repairs Officer will estimate how many jobs can be carried out within a specified time frame – this may be subject to change depending on how the jobs progress.

“I thank everyone, especially Peter from Care & Repair for the excellent job of putting the lock on the toilet door.”


“I thank Peter and Keegan for doing an excellent job and they both make a fabulous team.”