Lifeline Emergency Information Scheme

The Emergency Information Scheme is designed to assist the emergency services or caring agencies by supplying vital information on older or vulnerable people in the event of an emergency, giving them vital information about the person such as the medications they need or a description of the condition they are living with.

This is a voluntary scheme intended for use by anyone who feels vulnerable while living at home. The scheme provides emergency services with vital details of any illness or allergy, or someone to contact should they be called to your home as a result of sudden illness or personal accident. 

How does the Lifeline scheme work?

Your details are stored in a plastic container which is kept in your fridge. Please keep these up to date. Two small stickers, unique to the scheme, and known to the emergency services and other caring agencies are to be placed within your house – one to your fridge door and the other inside your front door. Make sure this sticker cannot be seen from outside. 

What do I have to do?
• Place the form which contains your name and details in the plastic container that we’ll send you when you contact us
• Store the container in your fridge
• Put a sticker on the fridge door, near the handle
• Put a sticker somewhere it can be seen within the hallway
• If more than one member of the household suffers from an illness or allergy, please ensure that all forms are kept inside one container only.

The Emergency Information Scheme is supported by the South Lanarkshire Community Safety Partnership. 

This scheme is a multi-agency partnership designed to assist the emergency services or appropriate caring agency by supplying vital information on an older or vulnerable person in the event of an emergency. 

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