Newsletter: August 23

Hello everyone and welcome to the Care & Repair Lanarkshire August newsletter.

I have just realised that in previous newsletters I have highlighted some of the projects and work we are carrying out across Lanarkshire but have never actually introduced the Care & Repair Lanarkshire service……

Care & Repair in Lanarkshire is part of a Scotland-wide network of Care & Repair Services, all of which operate independently of each other and provide differing services region-to-region. There are currently 30 Care & Repair Services in Scotland.

Care & Repair in South Lanarkshire started in Lanark in 2004 and, in 2021, changed to Care & Repair in Lanarkshire covering both the north & south regions.

We are an independent charity and third sector organisation, based in Lanark with a team of 10 working across Lanarkshire.

Care & Repair in Lanarkshire offers a wide range of practical services and advice that allow elderly and disabled people in our community to live independently. With the additional help we offer, people can enjoy living with more comfort and security in their own homes.

All our work is carried out in clients’ homes and, as we develop projects, we are carrying out more home visits each year. This is important as it allows us to meet with clients and speak with them.

Often we may just carry out the work we visited for, however in many cases we may, with the client’s permission, refer them on to other organisations for additional assistance.

Some of our projects are fully-funded and free-of-charge to clients such as the Safe as Houses projects. Some projects such as the Small Repairs project are paid for by clients. Where clients must pay for a service, we keep costs as low as possible to make the service as affordable as possible for all.

We listen to our clients and try to fill gaps in service provision identified by them, without competing with existing similar providers.

For 2024 we are looking at various new projects including a basic gardening service for grass cutting and hedge trimming.

Focus on Safe as Houses
Safe as Houses projects. These projects are currently funded by South Lanarkshire Community Safety partnership. The nature of these projects is such that they will never be self-supporting, consequently we have to seek funding every year to enable us to continue them.

Under 5s
The Safe as Houses (Under-5s) Project seeks to provide a home safety risk assessment and advice service to parents or full-time carers of pre-school age children to mitigate against hazards in the home that may result in an unintentional injury. In addition, to provide home safety equipment where a need is identified and the individual is unable to meet this cost.

Home Safety
The Safe as Houses (Home Safety) Project seeks to provide information and advice to older people aged 60 years and over and clients of any age living with a disability or life limiting illness, regarding any hazards identified within the home that may result in an unintentional injury. In addition, to provide home safety equipment where a need is identified and the individual is unable to meet this cost.

Home Security
The Safe as Houses Home Security Project aims to contribute to reducing both the prevalence and impact of domestic abuse upon victims, children, families, and communities. Protect people’s rights to live without fear and to go about their lives safe from crime, disorder and free from injury or harm. Following referrals directly from clients or from partner agencies, the Safe as Houses service will achieve these aims by using a person-centred delivery approach to establish client needs and to then mitigate client concerns through the delivery of personal safety advice and the installation of home safety devices.