Newsletter – March 24

The Digital Inclusion Project

So many of the devices in our homes now need to be linked to the internet or require an ‘app’ to operate them which can sometimes be very confusing! Many of the devices we have are only being used at the most basic level.

The Digital Inclusion Project in Lanarkshire is designed to help you set-up and use your digital devices and make the most of the features that are available. From seeing and speaking to relatives in Australia, turning subtitles on/off on your smart tv, paying your road tax online or setting up a regular online shopping order the Digital Inclusion project is here to help you.

Download the Digital Inclusion Referral Form

The project is available to clients living in Lanarkshire who are also:

✓ Over the age of 60
✓ Any age if living with a disability or life-limiting illness

We can help you set up and operate:

✓ Smart TV
✓ PC and/or Laptop
✓ Download and Manage Applications
✓ Facetime, Zoom, Messenger, TEAMs etc
✓ Management of online accounts such as insurance, pension, benefits, banking, shopping etc
✓ Ring Doorbell, CCTV
✓ Smart Speakers – Amazon Echo, Sonos, Google Nest
✓ Smart lights and home control systems
✓ Anything else digital in your home

We are not able to pay for any equipment you need.

The Digital Inclusion Project is free to eligible clients. Clients can request a home visit from our Digital Inclusion Officer (DIO) who will help you with whatever you need. The DIO will then be available to you in person or via the telephone for additional help and support until you are happy with your devices and are able to operate them yourself.

If you need our help, you can contact the Digital Inclusion Project by calling us on 01555 666200 or email us at