Newsletter: July 22

Welcome to our First Newsletter as Care & Repair in Lanarkshire!

We are now a pan Lanarkshire organisation carrying our projects in both North and South Lanarkshire.
Some projects will be funded in a way that will require us to carry out work in specific areas, however as far as possible we hope that most projects will be available across the whole of Lanarkshire.

Current Projects

South Lanarkshire only:
• Installation of community alarms, peripheral devices, and key safes
• Safe as Houses – home security – working primarily with victims of domestic abuse
• Safe as Houses – home safety – working with eligible clients

North Lanarkshire only:
No current North Lanarkshire projects

Pan Lanarkshire:
• Small Repairs – competitively priced handyperson service
• Fire detection installation – Scottish Government funded
• Fire detection – eligible clients – paid for privately
• Dementia enablement project – funded by Life Saving Trust

Fire Detection

We still have some funding left for funded fire detection installation – although funds are diminishing fast.
To be eligible for the funding clients must meet these conditions:
• Owner occupier living in Lanarkshire
• Property in council band A–C
• In receipt of at least one pass-porting benefit:

  1. Income Support.
  2. Jobseekers Allowance (income-based)
  3. Employment and Support Allowance (income-related)
  4. Pension Credit (guarantee credit)
  5. Universal Credit

Clients can contact us on 01555 666 200 and leave a voice mail asking us to call back.
Or email us on
Eligible owner occupiers in Lanarkshire who are not eligible for funded fire detection can still access assistance from Care and Repair
• Owner occupier living in Lanarkshire
• One resident must be over 60 or any age if living with a physical or mental disability

Dementia enablement project

From June 2022, Care and Repair Lanarkshire is offering a new service that will be able to offer practical advice and help to people living with dementia and their carers across both North and South Lanarkshire irrespective of tenure.
We will visit clients and look at how we can assist to mitigate the effects of dementia through practical changes to, and installation of equipment within the home. We will receive self-referrals and referrals from medical professionals across Lanarkshire.
We understand the stress in sourcing trades to carry our minor (yet important) repairs to the home and this is something we can also assist with. We can offer free small repairs labour and repairs advice to clients and carers, removing the stress of finding a contractor to carry out small but important maintenance works
To self-refer or for referrals from other organisation please complete the referral form found at

Board Members

Our current Board of Directors is focused on Directors whose interests is predominantly in South Lanarkshire. We are keen to recruit volunteer Directors from individuals and professionals in North Lanarkshire who would be able to represent North Lanarkshire or Lanarkshire as whole. For more information about how to apply to become a Director please contact the Care and Repair in Lanarkshire manager by email: