Newsletter: January 23

Repairs and Advice Service
2023 will see the launch of a subsidised Repairs and Advice Service operated by Care and Repair in Lanarkshire.
Clients in receipt of the following passporting benefits will be eligible to access the Repairs and Advice Service for a flat
fee of £12.00
Passporting benefits include:
Universal Credit
Income related ESA
Income related JSA
Guaranteed Pension Credit
Clients who are not in receipt of these benefits but are in financial difficulty may also be able to access this service.

Clients will pay a flat fee of £12:00 for up to one hours work to carry out small repairs within the home. Clients will have
to pay separately for any materials required to carry out the repairs requested.

Help with materials (South Lanarkshire only)
We received £1,000.00 from the VASLan Cost of Living Support Grant to assist Clients in financial difficulty who may be
able to get assistance with low-cost equipment and materials that will help to make the home more energy and heat
Our Officers may be able to help with:

  • Bleeding radiators
  • Setting room and radiator thermostats correctly
  • Installing thermal reflectors behind radiators
  • Fitting draught proofing to doors and windows
  • Installing low energy light bulbs
  • Installing time switches
  • Fitting curtain rails/blinds/curtains

The added benefits of the Repairs and Advice Service is that Officers can advise clients during the home visit about a
number of other partner services that they may wish to access such as:
Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, Police Scotland, Lanarkshire Carers, Home Energy Scotland, Money Matters, Local CAB’s,
Victim Support, Alzheimer’s Scotland and Occupational Therapists.

Clients can access these services by :
Phone 01555 666 200